Thursday, February 28, 2008

2007 Test Scores for Milwaukee Public Schools

"Focus on Diversity with Troy Shaw" discusses the results of the 2007 Wisconsin student test results. The Milwaukee public school systems scored much lower than the state average. With achievement slowly improving, the group discusses the challenges the Milwaukee school system will face. One of these challenges includes tackling the "culture of thuggery" which sees "glories in failure rather than failure in failure." Another challenge is to increase the involvement teachers and school administration. By increasing involvement, it is less likely that students will be ignored and slip through the cracks of the education system. It is also necessary to involve the parents of the students. If the students aren’t motivated to pursue an education in their home setting, it is just that much harder to motivate them within the school.

Milwaukee’s sub-par statistics are shocking, but it is important to remember that those numbers only reflect the children who are enrolled as students and attending school. The community’s role and effect on MPS students was not mentioned during the discussion. The community setting has a powerful impact on its citizens and it could influence a child’s willingness to learn. An involved community could also be a key factor in increasing students’ test scores.