Friday, May 9, 2008

And Now What You've All Been Waiting For...

An Interview with Andrea, HomeSource Member, Volunteer, and LAND Board Member.


Anderson, Toni, and Terry. Personal Interview. March 24 2008.

Anderson, Toni. Personal Interview. April 30 2008.

Andrea. Personal Interview. April 9 2008.

LAND Newspaper Archive. Available April 30 2008.

"Map of 3701 W. Lisbon Avenue Milwaukee, WI." Mapquest. 2008. Mapquest. May 8 2008.

Artist Statement

HomeSource creates an enormous opportunity for Milwaukee residents to take pride in their homes. After documenting the variety of resources HomeSource offers and digging through LAND’s newspaper archives, the film takes the next step by contacting and interviewing a resident who is a HomeSource member. The short film is an investigation of the member’s experience with HomeSource and what she thinks about the program. The resident, Andrea, was interviewed and juxtaposed with video footage and photographic stills of HomeSource supplies. This method was used so that the interview’s message would create thicker and more in depth feel of the organization. By layering the audio and visual elements, a richer picture of HomeSource could be formed. Unfortunately, since the artist was not contacted with more residents, Andrea is the only member who could voice her opinion about HomeSource. The original plan was to interview many residents, but the lack of willing residents forced the film to focus on one woman’s experience. This focus was not necessarily a negative result. By only focusing on one resident, the film was able to grasp at something more specific than if it had included multiple residents. Andrea presented her unique impression of HomeSource and through her interview the viewer can also glimpse the view of a LAND volunteer as well. It actually worked quite nicely.

The artist aimed to create a media archive which shows how much HomeSource has influenced the Milwaukee community. The media collection includes photographs and video segments of the warehouse, an interview with a resident, and newspaper archives (namely headlines). The headlines were chosen because they could illustrate the past accomplishments of HomeSource and lead the viewer into the interview.

The filming and editing process was a challenge with the hurdles which presented themselves. Well, the filming wasn't so tough since the entire group was present to interview and take pictures as well, even digging through LAND's newspaper archive was alright since Sarah was there too, but the editing was the most difficult since it was a struggle I had to face alone. Perhaps the most cumbersome was the realization that after all the struggle, my computer could not adequately run the editing software, resulting in jerky playbacks and a finished product that was not properly viewed until placed online. This inability to properly view the film before posting resulted in minor nuances which could have been caught and fixed if the computer didn’t react so slowly.

Although it has been a struggle, LAND continues their mission and continues to spread the hope LAND has given the community throughout the years. It is hoped that this presentation does it justice and shows a glimpse of what this heartfelt organization is doing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Bit About HomeSource and ToolSource

HomeSource and ToolSource consist of fifty percent of LAND's efforts. The programs make tools and home repair items available to Milwaukee's low income residents. ToolSource operates as a loan program. Members are able to make a deposit on an item (like a snowblower, power saw, or garden hoe), use the item, and receive a full refund of their deposit when the tool is returned. HomeSource operates more like a discount retail store. Through HomeSource, members can purchase new or used items (like a stove, door, or a bucket of paint) for their home.

The items available to members are donated from businesses and individuals all over Wisconsin. Donations can be shipped to LAND or they can be picked up by one of LAND's volunteers. Donations are gladly welcomed regardless of quantity. The smallest of items can make a big difference to the right person. Items aren't the only things that can be donated. LAND accepts monetary donations as well.

HomeSource began nine years ago and has since outgrown its original 7,000 square foot warehouse. It presently resides within a 10,000 square foot warehouse on 37th and Lisbon Avenue, but is beginning to outgrow that location as well.

HomeSource in the Headlines

These are a few of the headlines Toni Anderson was able to find for us. It is obvious that HomeSource and ToolSource have created a huge impact on the community. Through these programs, LAND is reaching out to Milwaukee residents and making a difference. They are repairing people's homes and their lives by giving people in need access to resources they never would have thought possible. It is truly amazing what LAND has been able to accomplish.


I feel as if I should apologize for the informal quality of my blog. It is one of the only ways that I felt comfortable displaying this project and the struggles it presents. I thought that by showing my struggle the blog would be more interesting. It was also a way to give updates and to give readers a feel for my process.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Progress! An Update

The film footage has been downloaded! I will finally be able to edit and fit together the materials and be able to see if I should collect more.

It feels good.