Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Bit About HomeSource and ToolSource

HomeSource and ToolSource consist of fifty percent of LAND's efforts. The programs make tools and home repair items available to Milwaukee's low income residents. ToolSource operates as a loan program. Members are able to make a deposit on an item (like a snowblower, power saw, or garden hoe), use the item, and receive a full refund of their deposit when the tool is returned. HomeSource operates more like a discount retail store. Through HomeSource, members can purchase new or used items (like a stove, door, or a bucket of paint) for their home.

The items available to members are donated from businesses and individuals all over Wisconsin. Donations can be shipped to LAND or they can be picked up by one of LAND's volunteers. Donations are gladly welcomed regardless of quantity. The smallest of items can make a big difference to the right person. Items aren't the only things that can be donated. LAND accepts monetary donations as well.

HomeSource began nine years ago and has since outgrown its original 7,000 square foot warehouse. It presently resides within a 10,000 square foot warehouse on 37th and Lisbon Avenue, but is beginning to outgrow that location as well.

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